Twins - Tung Hua Yian Yu [Released 10 January 2008]

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Twins - Tung Hua Yian Yu [Released 10 January 2008]

Post  blpaulina on Fri Jan 11, 2008 10:47 am

Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi keep up their productivity in the new year with all new Mando-pop hits. None other than Taiwan's new generation god of pop Jay Chou composed the duo's latest principal song "Mutual Relationship" (Track 4), while veteran Hong Kong lyricist and record producer Chan Siu Kei provided the lyrics. Other noteworthy songs on this release include Gillian's "Can You See It?" (Track 7), a song dedicated to her grandfather, and Charlene's self-composed "Younger Sister" (Track 2) which honors her mother's unlimited love. Fans should also look out for "Cute - Repulsive", which comes in two special versions for Charlene (Track 1) and Gillian (Track 6).

Track List:
01 可愛不可愛 (妍語版) (Ke Ai Bu Ke Ai [Charlene])
02 妹妹 (Mei Mei)
03 60分 (60Fen)
04 連帶關係 (Lian Dai Guan Xi)
05 酷 (Ku)
06 可愛不可愛 (桐話版) (Ke Ai Bu Ke Ai [Gillian])
07 你看得見嗎 (Ni Kan De Jian Ma)
08 季節限定 (Ji Jie Xian Ding)
09 自由行不行 (Zi You Xing Bu Xing)
10 飄零燕 (Piao Ling Yan)




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