Samuel Tai - I'm Not Worthy [Released 14 December 2007]

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Samuel Tai - I'm Not Worthy [Released 14 December 2007]

Post  blpaulina on Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:01 am

Taiwanese balladeer Samuel Tai shows some new musical tricks in his latest album I'm Not Worthy. In comparison to his previous ballad releases, this time the album leans more towards light-tempo rock numbers, like the title track I'm Not Worthy. There's also a dash of modern R&B thrown in. Samuel even gives rapping a shot for the first time! Underlining it all though is the same strong and unique voice we've known and love for years, and Samuel doesn't forget to add some signature ballads to the album. I'm Not Worthy comes with 11 new tracks including "I Loved You Before" (Track 3), "Cry a Thousand Times" (Track 9), and "Drifting Bird" (Track 10).

Track List:
01 我不配 (Wo Bu Pei)
02 誰讓妳想到哭 (Shei Rang Ni Xiang Dao Ku)
03 我愛過你 (女聲: Linda) (Wo Ai Guo Ni)
04 幸褔任意門 (Xing Fu Ren Yi Men)
05 茶湯 (Cha Tang)
06 低調情歌 (Di Diao Qing Ge)
07 同林鳥 (Tong Lin Niao)
08 My Shanghai
09 淚流一千遍 (Lei Liu Yi Qian Bian)
10 漂流島 (Piao Liu Dao)
11 我很特殊 (Wo Hen Te Shu)




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