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Daniel Zhang - Can Or Cannot

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:39 am

Debuting when he was only 15 years old, Daniel Chang made a splash as Mando-pop's youngest singer-songwriter with the bright boy-next-door smile. After topping charts with his hit "Cousin Wan Jun" in 2005, Daniel took a hiatus from singing, during which time he went to New York to further his music studies. Two years later, he returns with his third album, Can or Cannot, and even takes on producer duties for the first time. As a sign of his seriousness, Daniel spent three month's time to produce and record five of the album's tracks. He composed ten new songs for the album, including title track Can or Cannot (Track 3), "Leaving Land" (Track 4), "Night Direction" (Track 7), and "Answer" (Track 9), covering a range of musical styles like R&B, soft rock, house, and hip hop. Visibly more mature, Daniel Chang is growing, and so is his music.

Track List:
01 下雪的季節 (Xia Xue De Ji Jie)
02 I Don't Believe
03 能不能 (Neng Bu Neng)
04 離岸 (Li An)
05 雨季 (Yu Ji)
06 愛你在心口難開 (Ai Ni Zai Xin Kou Nan Kai)
07 夜的方向 (Ye De Fang Xiang)
08 天使呵護的角落 (Tian Shi He Hu De Jiao Luo)
09 答案 (Da An)
10 真心話 (Zhen Xin Hua)


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