Steve Chou - Turkey In Blue [Released 24 October 2007]

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Steve Chou - Turkey In Blue [Released 24 October 2007]

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:09 am

After years of melancholic ballads, Steve Chou is brightening things up a bit for his brand new album Turkey in Blue. Though many of the album's tracks espouse on a man's loneliness, the singer has incorporated a lighter tempo and R&B elements to his music, offering a gentle, buoyant twist to the Chou-style ballad. First plug "Who Hasn't Slept Yet?" (Track 1) reflects on a man's experience when faced with loss of love, sleep, and spirit; the gently piercing lyrics are balanced with a comparatively uptempo melody. Steve Chou traveled to Turkey while composing for this album, and the sounds and sights of the country greatly influenced the overall theme and direction of his new album. One of his greatest impressions was the image of blue and white, inspiring the album name and title song Turkey in Blue.

Track List:
01 有誰還沒睡 (You Shei Hai Mei Shui)
02 藍色土耳其 (Lan Se Tu Er Qi)
03 向北飛 (Xiang Bei Fei)
04 弱水三千 (Ruo Shui San Qian)
05 空缺 (Kong Que)
06 難過 (Nan Guo)
07 短消息 (Duan Xiao Xi)
08 青花 (Qing Hua)
09 沒有太陽的早晨 (Mei You Tai Yang De Zao Chen)
10 寂寞邊界 (Ji Mo Bian Jie)




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