Cyndi Wang - Fly!Cyndi [Released 30 November 2007]

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Cyndi Wang - Fly!Cyndi [Released 30 November 2007]

Post  blpaulina on Sat Dec 01, 2007 1:46 pm

Taiwan's sweetheart of Mando-pop, singer/actress Cyndi Wang, returns with her follow-up to Magic Cyndi which sold like hotcakes all over Asia. Her seventh major album is titled Fly Cindy and features her latest heartwarming songs "Drifting" and "This Is Love". Cyndy's new works promise to add a touch of romance to the upcoming winter season.

Track List:
01. 飘飘 (Piao Piao)
02. 热爱 (Re Ai)
03. 这就是爱 (Zhe Jiu Shi Ai)
04. 瞬间 (Shun Jian)
05. 双人舞 (Shuang Ren Wu)
06. 日落前七分钟 (Ri Luo Qian Qi Fen Zhong)
07. 幸福神偷 (Xing Fu Shen Tou)
08. 还是好朋友 (Hai Shi Hao Peng You)
09. 泡泡糖 (Pao Pao Tang)
10. 睁开眼 (Zheng Kai Yan)




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