Hacken Lee - My Cup Of Tea

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Hacken Lee - My Cup Of Tea

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:58 am

On the music scene for over 20 years, Hacken Lee's singing career moved up one level after he became the champion of the second Hong Kong district singing contest in 1985. Later he solidified his reputation with such memorable hits as "Won't Ever Change" and "Famous Days". Today one of the most respected Canto-pop singers, his symphony inspired albums Concert Hall I and Concert Hall II have sold like hot cakes. Now it's finally time for his latest major album My Cup of tea, which presents more ambitious works including 11 regular plus 2 bonus tracks. Among the recommended songs are his environmental movement theme song "Where Will The Leaves Fall?" (CD - Track 5/13) and his titular theme "The Sky's So Blue" (CD - Track 12) for the TVB drama series The Drive of Life with Steve Chou on guest vocals. Also featuring the song "Paper Marriage" (CD - Track 1/11) with violin virtuoso David Garrett, Hacken's devotees have a lot of surprises to look forward to.

Track List:
01 Zhi Hun featuring David Garrett on Violin
02 Fu Zi
03 Dan Shen Ji Xu
04 Fen Cha Kou
05 Hua Luo Shei Jia
06 Twins
07 Ba Xi Nu Zi Dui
08 Sheng Ming Si Zhong Zou
09 Xiao Bao Bao
10 Wan An
11 Zhi Hun (Piano Version) featuring Li Jia Ling on Piano
12 Sui Yue Feng Yun Yi Xiao Gang (Zhou Chuan Xiong)
13 Hua Luo Shei Jia (Earth Remix)


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