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Jade Kwan - Lost & Found

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:56 am

Jade Kwan returns to sing about matters that move a woman's heart in both positive and negative ways on Lost & Found. Her principal song "Compass Needle" (CD - Track 2) was produced by Grasshopper member Calvin Choi. Another recommendable entry, the hit song "How Can I Leave You" (CD - Track 1) is written by famous producer/composer Ronald Ng. Also including the environmental awareness song "Global Brothers" (CD - Track 8), Lost and Found brings the sound of Jade back to Canto-pop lovers this summer.

This initial version comes with a puzzle and a DVD containing the special feature Lost & Found and 5 MVs.

Product Information

Product Title : Lost & Found (CD+DVD) (Limited Edition)
Singer Name(s) : Jade Kwan
Release Date : July 23, 2007 (Pre-order your copy now!)
Language : Cantonese
Publisher : BMA
Other Information : CD + DVD


Track List:
01 如何離開你 (Ru He Li Kai Ni)
02 指南針 (Zhi Nan Zhen)
03 甚麼都不愛 (Shen Me Dou Bu Ai)
04 童話太美 (Tong Hua Tai Mei)
05 任君選擇 (Ren Jun Xuan Ze)
06 身為女人 (Shen Wei Nu Ren)
07 送舊迎新 (Song Jiu Ying Xin)
08 地球兄弟 [國] (Di Qiu Xiong Di [Guo])
09 愛你很難 [國] (Ai Ni Hen Nan [Guo])
10 指南針 Acoustic Version (Zhi Nan Zhen [Acoustic Version])


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