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Will Pan - Play It Cool

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:44 am

The last time the music world heard of Taiwan's new generation idol Will Pan, he was busy with his Around The World Concert. Now the forever-smiling gentleman, who combines singing, songwriting, and dancing skills with good looks, presents a new side of himself with his latest major release Play It Cool. His new album offers a big variety of melodies. The titular track comes with an up-tempo beat, while Will's other principal song, "The Emperor's New Hip Hop", is offered in unplugged and hip-hop versions. Those who would like to see and hear Will's latest material should check out this daring new release.

Track List:
01 玩酷 (Wan Ku)
02 光榮 (Guang Rong)
03 完美故事 (Wan Mei Gu Shi)
04 路太彎 (Lu Tai Wan)
05 白日夢 (Bai Ri Meng)
06 說你愛我 (Shuo Ni Ai Wo)
07 愛不離 (Ai Bu Li)
08 無法抗拒 (Wu Fa Kang Ju)
09 客串情人 (Ke Chuan Qing Ren)
10 左右 (Zuo You)
11 Shut Up (V.S. 信)


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