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A-Do - Almost

Post  blpaulina on Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:33 am

A-do is still in the mood for ballads for his all-new Release. According to the theme of his fifth major album, love is the starting point of indulgence. Bearing A-do's unique husky touch, Release is a personal production that features 10 tracks including Latin guitar-accompanied "Almost" (Track 2), "One-sided Love" (Track 4), and "New Home" (Track 5). American-style titular rock track Release is A-do's theme contribution to Resident Evil: Extinction, while "Almost" is the end title theme for "Romantic Baking Academy" starring A-do.

Track List:
01 撒野 (Sa Ye)
02 差一點 (Cha Yi Dian)
03 愛上誰 (Ai Shang Shei)
04 單向的愛 (Dan Xiang De Ai)
05 新家 (Xin Jia)
06 黑夜以後 (Hei Ye Yi Hou)
07 沉默 (Chen Mo)
08 不讓你走 (Bu Rang Ni Zou)
09 逃離 (Tao Li)
10 妳說 (Ni Shuo)


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